VoIP1Click on iPhone and iPad

Using VoIP1Click on iPhone and iPad

After the download, the application will ask for mobile phone’s number complete of international prefix. It will be used one time only, to update your contact list with the VoIP1Click number, if they available.
You are not obliged to give the real number because we are very concerned to keep your privacy and if you prefer, you can put any number just to proceed forward. In this case your contact list will not be updated and you will have to exchange the VoIP1Click number by any different method.
After a few seconds the main screen will appear.

  • To make a call to a normal phone number (land lines or mobile phone) digit the number complete of international prefix and press the green button.
  • For example: 001545201342 (for an USA number) or +1545201342.
  • If you need to buy credit tap on “More” and follow the link to recharge for your preferred amount.
  • When a call is coming the phone will ring also if the application is not in foreground and you would answer or hang up the call.
  • You can pickup the numbers to call from your contact list tapping on the icon “Contact”.

That’s all, one click to activate and one click to make or receive an encrypted call!