Make High Quality Voice Calls
with VoIP1Click

With no interference and no delay, VoIP1Click has one of the best voice quality that any VoIP app could offer. The voice quality over the call with VoIP1Click is even better than what is on a Mobile GSM call. High voice quality is guaranteed with VoIP1Click. Try it to believe it! Download for free!

Encryption between two users of

Encryption is an additional feature with VoIP1Click. The VoIP1Click app enables users to make encrypted calls which cannot be intercepted by any anybody. These non-traceable encrypted calls can be made only when the Caller and Receiver both are using VoIP1Click App. The reason for this both the parties involved should be able to code and decode the dialed and received call. VoIP1Click uses RSA 2048 bits and AES 128 bits encryption level. For users who need higher grade of encryption level, we have a solution called Kryptotel Secure VoIP. Krypotel Secure VoIP uses stronger encryption levels of RSA 8192 and AES 256 bits. Click to know more about Krypotel Secure VoIP.

Make & Receive Calls from Phone numbers

VoIP1Click doesn't just let you make VoIP1Click to VoIP1Click calls, it also allows you to make calls to phone numbers. That means if the recipient doesn't even have VoIP1Click app installed on his/her smartphone, you can still make the call from your VoIP1Click app to recipient's phone number. Calls from VoIP1Click app to phone numbers is chargeable but the call rates are cheaper than most of the other VoIP apps. Check out countrywise call rates in our pricing section. Additionally, you also get a 'Virtual Mobile SIM' having a mobile number which can be called upon from any phone in the world.

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