Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1What is VoIP?
VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a methodology which allows you to communicate over the Internet.
2What is VoIP1Click?
VoiP1Click is a mobile application which enables a user to make encrypted calls. The calls are absolutely untraceable and cannot be intercepted. Your communication is private.
3How do I get VoIP1Click?
VoIP1Click is available on Apple App Store and Google Playstore. You can search for VoIP1Click in the app store and download it. You can also choose to download VoIP1Click from this website.
4Does VoIP1Click ask for my personal details?
No. You don't necessarily need to use your personal details for registration (Not even your name). However, you might need to enter your phone number in order to update your contacts with VoIP1Click users in your contact list. In case you do not want to use your actual number, you can choose to use any random number.
5Is VoIP1Click app free?
Yes. The VoIP1Click app is absolutely free. You can install it for free from your phone's app store or from our website.
6Are the encrypted calls free on VoIP1Click?
Yes. The encrypted calls between VoIP1Click users are absolutely free. No charges at all. Every device where VoIP1Click app is installed is assigned a number (e.g., 879-xxx-xxxxx). The calls between these VoIP1Click numbers are free of charge. Only the calls made to normal numbers are chargeable. You will need to buy credit to make calls to normal numbers.
7Where can I find my VoIP1Click number?
Every device where VoIP1Click app is installed is assigned a number (e.g., 879-xxx-xxxxx). You can find this number by tapping on the icon 'more'.
8Will there be any delay in the audio due to encryption?
No, there is no audible delay in the encrypted call. Furthermore, the voice quality of the call using VoIP1Click is exceptionally superior. You can compare the voice quality of VoIP1Click to a normal phone call and most of the times you would find the voice quality better than that of a normal phone call.
9Where can I buy credit to make calls to normal phone numbers?
You can buy the credit directly from the application. You will find different credit options after you tap on the 'more' icon. e.g., 4.99$, 9.99$ or 19.99$. The application will redirect you to the PayPal gateway after you choose the credit amount. You can either pay using your Credit Card or by your PayPal account. The credit will be made available few seconds after the payment.
10Which payment methods are available to buy the credit?
Currently, you can make the payment using a Credit Card or a Paypal account. We are introducing more payment methods in future.
11What if VoIP services are blocked in my region?
VoIP1Click works even when VoIP services are banned by your local Internet provider. In that case it needs to used with VPN One Click (, a free VPN service. You can either install VPN One Click app on your phone or connect your phone to a WiFi network using VPN One Click.
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