VoIP1Click is a free VoIP mobile app
that enables you to make high quality VoIP calls at low rates

Guaranteed High Voice Quality

Guaranteed high voice quality with VoIP1Click. The voice quality is even better than Mobile GSM calls. The only encrypted application with high voice quality.

Make Calls to any Phone

VoIP1Click App doesn't restrict you to just VoIP1Click to VoIP1Click calls. With VoIP1Click a user can make calls even to a normal phone number.

Call Rates

While VoIP1Click to VoIP1Click calls are absolutely free, VoIP1Click to phone number calls are offered at very cheap rates.

Easy to Use

VoIP1Click application is ready to use right after it's downloaded. No configuration or registration is required.

Encrypted Communication

An additional feature with VoIP1Click, uses TLS protocol to encrypt the call information, SRTP protocol to encrypt the audio. Encryption level RSA 2048 & AES 128.

Works on any Internet Connection

VoIP1Click works on WiFi/Mobile 3G/Satellite. Basically on any Internet connection.

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What makes VoIP1Click the best?

What makes VoIP 1 Click the best?

VoIP1Click works even when the VoIP services are banned by your local internet provider. In that case it needs to used with VPN One Click (www.vpnoneclick.com)

VoIP1Click is available on three major Operating Systems - iOS, Android and Windows. Experience exceptionally high voice quality with VoIP 1 Click.

VoIP1Click is easy to install VoIP application. No configuration needed. Download and its ready to use. Start making free VoIP1Click to VoIP1Click calls and VoIP1Click to normal phone number calls at low rates.

Guaranteed High Voice Quality
with VoIP1Click

Calls made with VoIP1Click app are of exceptionally high quality. The quality of voice on VoIP1Click call is even better than what it is on a normal mobile phone call. VoIP1Click is probably the only VoIP app to provide an exceptionally high voice quality over the call. A high quality of voice is guaranteed when you use VoIP1Click!

Free Calls and Cheap Call Rates
with VoIP1Click

VoIP1Click to VoIP1Click calls are free of charge. Absolutely free. While VoIP1Click to VoIP1Click calls are free, the calls from VoIP1Click to phone numbers are offered at very low rates. These calls are cheaper than what most of the other VoIP apps would charge.

Available on iOS and Android

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